Our Privacy Policy

In order to tell our sincerity and commitment to protecting the customer’s privacy, we at have written this privacy policy. We respect the need for privacy in our clients, along-with their need of safety and security of their information. Following are the salient points of our privacy policy:

Information collected

We do collect personally identifiable information from our clients via feedback forms and surveys, but in this case it is voluntarily provided by the clients, as this information is used by us to make our products and services better and more accurate. This also ensures that their entire experience with us is more rewarding.

We have found that customers who have used our services once tend to come back for more, which is precisely because we honour their privacy and confidence in us, and give them exactly the content they ask for, and nothing that is not relevant to their query.

Use of information

The data that we collect from our clients is used to deliver personalized reports, for internal marketing purposes, trend analysis, to figure out patterns of usage as well as for better website administration. We do not, as a matter of policy, disclose any personally identifiable information to third parties unless the customers give us their prior express consent. Still, it is pertinent to note, that under certain circumstances such as a court order or under prevailing government norms, we may be compelled to disclose such information. Also, we cannot guarantee that third parties my unlawfully intercept or access transmissions or private communications. Besides, in cases where we ask our clients for personally identifiable information and notify them that it will be shared with third parties entities, and our customers opt-in to share the information with them, such an opt-in will supersede anything to the contrary contained in this privacy policy.

Use of IP addresses

The client’s IP address is used by for more efficient administration of the website, to identify problems with our server and to keep a tab on general trends and statistics.

Use of cookies

When visitors browse our website to surf for products, services or free reports, we are likely to store some of this information in the form of cookies on their computers. This is done mainly to customize their current and future visits to our website, and to deliver content relevant to the customer’s interests. We would also save passwords, so the clients don’t have to re-enter it every time they visit the site. However, they have the option of setting their browser, so that it notifies them when a cookie is sent, and they can decide whether to accept it or not. It needs to be remembered, though, that certain sections of the website may not function optimally, if cookies are deactivated or rejected.

Use of e-mail address

We give the assurance that the e-mail addresses given for receiving our reports and services will be safe with us, as we will never disclose it to the third parties. Any horoscopes or other special offers that the clients choose to receive will be sent to them exclusively by


As clearly pointed out above, DOES NOT collect any payment information. This is solely handled by our payment gateway partner, which is a 128-bit Verisign-secured site. It is hereby understood that we have put in place, and have committed to follow, reasonable industry standard technical and procedural methods to protect our clients’ personal information from unauthorized access. Still, it must be fully understood that neither, nor any other website, can completely eliminate such risks.

Other websites links hereby disowns any responsibility for the privacy policies of other websites whose links may be found on any of its pages.


Visitors can, whenever they wish, change or update their personal information provided earlier in the following manner:

1. By first clicking on “Edit”.

2. They by changing the information they wish to change.

It needs to be noted here that such information may also be stored on other databases, and we may not always be able to ensure that these changes or deletions will reach those other databases. As for our database, we assure that all reasonable efforts will be made to correct or delete the information as the client desires.

Delete profile

If the clients wish to delete their profile on our website, they can do so simply by clicking on the delete link.

Contacting us

Should the clients have any doubts or queries regarding our privacy policy or the procedure to deal with us, they can contact us at [email protected].

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